Modular shelving system

Design for PAPER POP

Cardboard, PVC rivet

We designed a self-assembly shelf collection named ‘Timber’, using simple processed cardboards and PVC rivets. The project was approached for to expand the cardboard furniture collection that we designed before; ‘Lumber’ which was designed to study new usability and expandability of a cardboard. We were inspired by the Korean traditional wood-working joints and developed a system which gives a new formative language to the cardboard furniture.


The ‘Timber’ can be assembled into total 75 different shelf formations that vary in length and height, with 13 different types of sections. The section for ‘Timber’ is cut by die-cutting press, one of the standard methods for processing cardboard. Un-rolled sections of ‘Timber’ come as a flat-pack, which give extreme efficiency on storage and transportation. Then the sections are rolled into several rectangular shaped cardboard planks, and finally fixed together with PVC rivets by the buyers themselves.

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