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221230 PESI_01.jpg

T & G


Lounge table

Personal work

Reclaimed HDPE board, powder coated steel

404 X 644 X 380 (mm)

354 X 804 X 445 (mm)

504 X 964 X 300 (mm)

The T & G is a lounge table made of reclaimed HDPE board which is developed by South Korean package brand DSLSM. As the board used to make the table is made by heat-pressing the leftovers of HDPE sheets(Tyvek) used for packages, the board had uneven thickness. To overcome the drawbacks of the board, we added 'tongue and groove' joint on the edge of the board. As the 'tongue and groove' joints are processed on a fixed base level, we could archive a horizontally even tabletop. And thanks to the joint, the tabletop has unlimited expandability.

221230 PESI_06.jpg
221230 PESI_02.jpg
221230 PESI_04.jpg
221230 PESI_03.jpg
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