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Planter & saucer

Designed for Oasien (KR)

Large Ø 147 X 141 (mm)

Standard Ø 121 X 114 (mm)

Mini Ø 86 X 60 (mm)

Dune Ø 90 X 15 (mm)

The SAGUARO planter is designed with a combination of terracotta and matte finish, offering a desert-like warm color and a natural, pure look. The planter features a straight silhouette on top and a curved shape on the bottom for an elegant, yet modern look. The inner part of the planter is painted with soil-water in a different color from the outer part, adding to its unique character. The DUNE saucer is designed to match the SAGUARO planter, featuring a slightly curved shape and a glossy coat for water-resistance. Together, the planter and saucer provide a simple yet modern look, perfect for adding a touch of style to any space.

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