Design for Dear, Architect

Solid rubber wood, acrylic

We designed a wooden toy named ‘ROOMY’ ,that looks like miniature of furniture, for Korean brand ‘DEAR ARCHITECT’. According to a research, 3~5 years old children could have hard time to start sleep alone without their parents. To help children to sleep independently, we were inspired by an old cultural background of Denmark.  Children in Denmark spend a lot of time indoors because of its cold weather and long night. They often give their furniture a unique name and play with it like a friend. 

With the furniture shaped toy, children could feel more friendly to furniture in their own room through play. And it could encourage children to sleep independently if they could feel if they are not alone but with their friends.


‘ROOMY’ could be played in various ways. They consists of 6 furniture blocks and 10 connecting blocks. With various combinations, children can make their own furniture model. Children can simply put eye stickers (which also are included in the toy package) on the furniture in their own room to feel like it’s also a part of the toy. Children can also put specially designed AR(augmented reality) stickers on the toy and watch it through application, in which ‘ROOMY’ comes to life. AR technology allows furniture models to wave hands or blink their eyes. AR makes children believe that 'ROOMY' is actually alive. We created ROOMY by using new AR technology as part of our product, we have expanded the role of the traditional wooden block toy.

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