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Wall lamp

Designed for exhibition 'PORTRAIT OF THE HANGANG'

Organized by Administration office of the Hangang River

Stainless panel, ABS plastic

Vertical version 400 X 185 X 1220 (mm)

Horizontal version 1200 X 185 X 420 (mm)


Using 'off-the-shelf' construction materials, we designed a wall lamp that evokes the moment when the sun touches the surface of the water during sunset. The project was started when we were commissioned by the administration office of the Hangang River to install lighting products at the 135-meter long hallway in a community center near the Hangang River. As the Hangang River crosses the middle of Seoul city, the river is one of Seoul's most important locations in a cultural aspect, and it is one of the most famous tourist spots in Seoul. Our goal was to develop a lamp that brings the glittering scene of the Hangang River into indoor spaces not only into the hallway of the community center but also into other spaces such as; restaurants, lobbies, and home environments.


We turned out the 'off-the-shelf' construction materials to a lamp because Seoul, which the Hangang River goes through, is the biggest city in South Korea, and we wanted the lamp not only to mimic the scene of the Hangang River but also express the feeling of the city that the river goes through. A mirror-polished panel, which is originally used as a wall or roof cladding, is used to render a waving surface of the river, and a ball lamp, which is originally used in outdoors or construction scenes, is used to render the sun touching the surface of the water during sunset.

210126 PESI_11.jpg
210126 PESI_06.jpg
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