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Designed for Oasien (KR)

Natural clay

Standard Ø 155 X 120 (mm)

Low Ø 170 X 62 (mm)

Mini Ø 94 X 59 (mm)

Oasien is a new Korean brand that makes plant objects. For Oasien, we directed from scratch, including strategy, brand design, and product design.


POPPY pot, the first product of Oasien that we designed, is inspired by a flower that comes into blossom in the desert. The top of the pot becomes wider from the bottom, like the shape of a flower. Because of its shape, the pot gets easily harmonized with the plant planted to the pot and can be used as a decorating object in living space when even a plant is not planted.


To give a characteristic to the pot, which is the brand's first product, we made the color of the pot different from the inside and the outside. The colors were realized by using the color differences between various natural soils that were used to make the clay, without using any chemical additives.

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