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Wireless charger collection

Designed for SAMSUNG electronics (KR)

Design partnership with 'Creative square'

Acrylic plastic

Wireless charging module 150 X 71 X 10 (mm)

Tray on the surface 160 X 185 X 83 (mm)

Clock on the surface 160 X 141 X 72 (mm)

Speaker on the surface 238 X 80 X 83 (mm)

Mirror on the surface 305 X 80 X 170 (mm)

Container on the surface 238 X 80 X 128 (mm)

'On the surface' is a design of wireless-charging product converged with table accessories. Based on the inherent form of the existing flat wireless-charging product, we have visualized the convergence as if a table accessory rises to water surface.


'On the surface' has a detachable wireless-charging module at the bottom surface, and shows another fresh use of each case type even when wireless charging is not in use. This new utility locates wireless-charging in various spaces, helping users come closer to enjoy the wireless-charging. Container, Clock, Mirror, Speaker and Tray, total 5 types of cases are available and compatible with basic wireless-charging modules.

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