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Thermoplastic polyurethane

As the lifestyles of modern people become more diverse, the boundaries between space and space become increasingly obscure. We want to design an environment that allows free space configuration through flexible spatial division. The Mist is a modular surface design that visualize the phenomenon of mist by reinterpreting the oriental bead curtain. We thought that the oriental bead curtain efficiently captures the ambiguity of the boundaries of unclear fog could not tell from the beginning to end. The oriental bead curtain does not divide the space as formation of completely closed and could be structured regularly or irregularly according to the size and arrangement of the bead particles. We would like to convey the mood and feeling of the phenomenon of fog through the modular surface design reinterprets the structure of the oriental bead curtain. 


The shape of the module was designed by focusing the droplet particles of the fog as bead of oriental curtain. The module is made of TPU, thermoplastic polyurethane and can be recycled and transformed by additional thermoforming after molding. The Mist consists of three basic modules and one connection module and has a coupling structure that utilizes the characteristics of soft materials. Regarding on the usage, you can construct a closed surface or an open surface, and you can create a surface that is tidy or natural mood with the placement of the modules. The module connected frame is a simple perforated type, and frames can be combined and used as a three-dimensional solid object such as furniture. The Mist divides the inner space of the room like a mist phenomenon that divides the space of the nature and adds depth of the space, and creates a dreamy and serene atmosphere.

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