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Dining chair with armrest

Personal commission

White oak, Natural leather

550 X 530 X 755 (mm)


The project to design a dining chair with armrests was developed as an internal project, which inquired about studying efficiency on manufacturing process but still maintaining functionality and user-friendly appearance. To archive comfort on the seat and the backrest, we studied a method to create a three-dimensional shape with 4mm thick bendable plywood without using a high-frequency bending or steam bending technique. The flat plywood was manually bent while gluing it to the frame and clamped until the glue is totally dried. The hidden woodworking joints were carved on the frame using a 3-axis CNC machine, and the frame was assembled without any screws or nails. 


The chair is named ‘MAIDEN’ because it was the first chair that we were satisfied with the completion level, not only related to the functionality but also the aesthetics of the chair. The simple frame of the chair emphasizes the delicate line of the backrest and creates the chair’s key characteristic. The chair is clear and simple and also has a well-balanced look of Scandinavian design, welcoming the user to use the chair. The ‘MAIDEN’ can be used not only in a home environment but also in public spaces such as restaurants, canteens, educational institutions, workplaces, and more.


The seat and the backrest are made of white oak veneered plywood, and the frame is made of solid white oak. To add extra comfort, a cushion made of natural leather with non-slip fabric on the bottom can be placed on the seat.

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