Pet house

Designed for exhibition 'DDP Design Fair'

Organized by DDP & Seoul Design Foundation

Coated Medium density fiberboard, fabric

390 X 450 X 605 (mm)

We designed a furniture named ‘GROUND FLOOR’, which is a combination of a pet house and a shelf. The project was started from an invitation from DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza) and Seoul Design Foundation to design a new furniture to exhibit on the  ‘DDP Design Fair’, which was held from December 4th to December 8th.


According to a research, As one-person households are increasing nowadays, to overcome loneliness of being alone, people who raise pets are also increasing. It was important for us to design a furniture for pets and also solve the problem that the one-person households have. So we designed a pet house that can give their own space to the pets and also used as a shelf to solve the lack of storage space; which is one of the biggest problem that the one-person households have.


To combine a pet house and a shelf, we made the shape of the lowest partition as a roof to use a strong metaphor that the furniture is actually a house for the pets; which gave the name ‘GROUND FLOOR’. As normal shelf, the height of the roof can be adjusted and additional dividers can be added or removed. The ‘GROUND FLOOR’ is made of painted medium density fiberboard, that comes in green, beige, pink and navy. It is a ‘flat-pack’ furniture, so it can be assembled by the owner of pets, and it is efficient in storage and transportation.

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