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Candle container

Designed for Vij5 (NL)


Ø 80 X 205 (mm)

Because Vij5 exists 15 years in 2021, Vij5 invited all designers who worked with under the Vij5 collection to create a 'refillable candle' Design.

We aim to create a refillable candle from a pure material, which needs little finishing and uses a simple production process. The shape of the candle holder immediately shows how it is made: two shapes are laser-cut opposite each other from a steel tube. This production technique makes efficient use of the material, is quick, and is suitable for both small and large production runs. The screen at the back, which gives a unique silhouette to the container, reflects the light of the flame and creates a warm atmosphere.

KakaoTalk_Photo_2022-03-01-15-03-52 001.jpeg
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