Wireless charging furniture collection

Designed for SAMSUNG electronics

Design partner ship with 'Creative square'

Acrylic plastic, solid maple wood

Wireless charging tray 348 X 230 X 21 (mm)

Composed as a side table 348 X 230 X 420 (mm)

Composed as a cabinet 348 X 230 X 270 (mm)

Composed as a wall shelf 348 X 230 X 170 (mm)

'Composition' is a tray-type design of wireless-charging product which is expandable to various furnitures. It offers wireless-charging environment in one perfect furniture form to match the natural quality of wireless-charging technology, rather than electronic form.

By combining the structure at the bottom of the tray, it can be expanded into new furniture types and various combinations can be made with the colors and materials upon tastes of consumers. Battery is built-in so that once the battery is fully charged, consumers just remove the cable and move it freely into living spaces. Cabinet, Shelf and Table, total 3 three furniture designs are available and expandable.

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