Furniture collection

Designed for restaurant 'FINGER LICKIN'

Stainless steel, leather, lacquered MDF

Bar stool 483 X 445 X 914 (mm)

Dining chair 538 X 445 X 805 (mm)

Dining table 600 X 600 X 747 (mm)

We were inspired by 1950s’ American dining pub and then studied an upholstery process newly. Then, we  re-interpreted the upholstery process, which requires a lot of manual works and expert skills, and designed a new upholstery method that can easily produce although not a master artisan. We realized upholstery using a parting line that inevitably occurs between elements when assembling.


We designed it as knocked down furniture for an efficient production, transportation, and storage. Also, we considered completeness of products and robustness to load by utilizing subsidiary materials for connection actively. '1950' is consisted of three types, dining chair, bar stool, and dining table, according to usability.

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