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Pendant lamp

Designed for Vij5 (NL)

Linoleum, Aluminum

Ø 235 X 175 (mm)

‘MALDA’, which means ‘to wrap’ in Korean, is designed to minimize not only the shape but also the manufacturing process and the amount of materials used. This minimalist pendant lamp basically consists of a rolled up sheet of Forbo Desktop linoleum. The flexible material is cut to shape, simply wrapped around an aluminum frame and then fixed with an aluminum strap. In this way, a three-dimensionally shaped lamp-shade is constructed from a flat surface, using only a few simple manufacturing steps.


We developed this lamp to explore a new method in which we wanted to construct a three-dimensionally shaped lamp using only a few basic manufacturing processes. 'MALDA' literally ‘carries’ a piece of material as a lampshade, thereby providing a stage for various colors and material properties.


'MALDA' is available in six different colors as standard. The linoleum used for this lamp comes from residual flows from the furniture industry.

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