Furo Isu



Material : Ash wood, Steel pipe

Dimension :

Stool, 400 x 250 x 450(mm)

High Stool, 400 x 250 x 730(mm)

Table, 600 x 600 x 750(mm)

Shelf, 1200 x 180 x 180(mm)

We designed a series of wooden furniture with the intention of delivering the calm beauty of Japan in the interior. We believe that the 'Furo-Isu', which refers to a traditional Japanese bathing chair, cherishes the long history of Japan and emotionalizes the simple and plain sentiments of Japan well.


We newly combined the ash glued-laminated timber with stainless pipes to design the modern interpretations of the traditional Japanese bathing chair, which are the stool, high stool, table, and shelf. The combined stainless pipes have different functions according to each of the furniture's shape, and they finish the series's unified formative language. The 'Furo Isu' Furniture Series was planned and created with the most minimum amount of processing, and it's very convenient in transportation and storage.

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